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If you are reading this page this means that you and your spouse have already reached an agreement concerning all or most of your marital issues.  You may be able to obtain a cheap divorce or separation agreement.  Give our firm a call about obtaining a simple and easy divorce in South Carolina.

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost?


When you retain us to handle your uncontested divorce for you we will:  1) prepare all of your document; 2) counsel you and answer any questions you may have about the divorce process; 3) file your divorce documents once they are properly signed and executed; 4) Serve the other party; 4) Attend the final hearing with you and work to ensure that the judge signs the divorce or separate maintenance decree;  and 5) work to ensure that the process goes as quickly as possible.

A non-contested divorce is almost always the best way to obtain an easy and cheap divorce while allowing both parties to have the divorce become final as quickly as possible and not drag on in the courts. If you are looking for a fast and affordable divorce, then give us a call today for more information.